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To Push or To Pull... That is the Marketing Question!

For years, marketers and business leaders used a pull marketing approach, trying to drive consumers to them, to their product, to their services. This was particularly a strong approach during the era when Bricks and Mortar was king. Naturally, it was a goal to drive one's audience into the physical place that sales would be made. Get them to come, then make the sale.

Today, the market landscape is very different. People are busier, living their lives in a technology driven and experienced world. A working member of society may be juggling a work email, scheduling a zoom meeting, picking the kids up from school, ordering dinner or groceries to be delivered, and reserving plane tickets and a hotel for that much needed vacation - almost simultaneously. There is very limited time to drive consumers to a product. That is why a great marketer strategizes with push marketing tactics.

Successful businesses and marketing plans get into the heads of consumers, they understand that their audience is busy, inundated with messages and pitches. Today's consumers, by and large, want an easy, simple solution to their wants. And their wants feel like needs. Providing the answer at the appropriate time is critical in making that sale, getting that sign up, or building market share. published that Harvard Professor, Gerald Zartman stated that 95% of purchase decisions were made sub-consciously. Consumers often don't realize why they are making a purchase, other than it makes them feel good. This means that if your target audience is a busy, multi-tasking demographic then appealing to what they want, in moments they feel most like they need it, will lead a company to be successful in achieving and exceeding their sales goals. To do it appropriately, accurately, and effectively a marketer should have a full understanding of the company's market and it's targeted customers - potential and existing.

'A Marketing Thing' implements a discovery period at the beginning of most on boarding efforts so that we can align our strategy and tactics to your customer, your audience. We don't believe in aligning customers to a brand, product, or company - that costs lots of money with lesser results. Instead, we want to put your marketing investment to good use, capitalizing on aligning your brand, product, or company to the consumer's wants, needs, and current lifestyle. This way you will see quicker, greater returns on your investment - growing market share, sales, and through-put.

Sign up today for a consultation with us today so we can help you achieve the success you've always dreamed about!

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