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Strategy Should Be Strategic

What is your plan? How are you going to grow your clientele? What ways are you going to differentiate from your competitors and gain market share? Will your ideas increase your revenue and provide a return on your marketing investment?

Operators operate, ensuring that the day to day is performing at the top level, managing labor, operating, and production costs, training staff, and an entire slew of other things that keep the business businessing. The finance team is facilitating payables and receivables, balancing budgets, forecasting, preparing reports and ultimately keeping the company abreast to how you are balancing at the bottom line. IT works tech so we can use our systems and our hardware. HR is charged with managing human capital through onboarding, benefits management, payroll, and staying on top of labor laws and practices.

Those initial, daunting, questions are questions that a strategic marketer or Chief Marketing Officer is trained, educated, and experienced to answer. Just as a strong, competitive, and successful company doesn't perform at its best without those other roles, it cannot be at the top of its game if it is not utilizing an expert to identify strategy to meet the overall objectives of the company. It's our job to understand the people purchasing your product or software, we review and keep watch on the competition and what they are doing to build their success. A Chief Marketing Officer can answer those big questions and provide a high-level strategy that they then deploy to a highly capable, quality, and hard-working team of marketing professionals.

If your expertise is operating, then allow yourself to do what you do best - operate. If you are the money gal and play your best in the financial world, then allow yourself to do what you do best - account. You know that the best leaders, smartest executives, give tasks and roles to those who are best equipped, trained, educated, and seasoned at those tasks. For you to succeed best, for your company to succeed best, you hire the best and then you let them do what they do best. So when you look to build strength in your market, to pull market share, to be strategic and smart - not just for the short-term low hanging gain, but to build momentum and understand the bigger picture that keeps delivering on your goals and objectives choose a qualified, expert in the market, hire your Chief Marketing Officer and then let them do what they do best - Market, after all, it is a marketing thing.

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