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Save Money, Compete More

Being competitive is a necessity in the business world. It's how you not only survive, but how you grow. In order to be competitive, you have to have a skilled, trained, educated person running your marketing efforts, your Chief Marketing Officer. This person is skilled and understanding the ever-changing consumer, buying decisions, and evolving market and competitive field.

save money, compete more

But A Chief Marketing Officer is So Expensive

Hiring a CMO can run you, easily, between $200,000 and $300,000 per year in salary. Tack on the costs of bonuses, PTO, benefits and any other perks... those costs really ad up. When you're spending money here, you're not spending it in areas that could help propel your efforts and business into overdrive. If you could save half or more of those dollars and put them into building a stronger marketing team, or strategic marketing efforts, the change in your growth, your revenue, your check averages could be life changing.

So How Do I Get the Experience and Save Money

Today, smart businesses are getting the competitive edge and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by partnering with a fractional Chief Marketing Officer. Working with a fCMO, such as with A Marketing Thing, you can get nearly 20 years of marketing experience to:

  1. Develop and Manage your Marketing Team

  2. Complete a Comprehensive Marketing Analyisis

  3. Identify a Competitive Marketing Strategy to Meet Your Goals

Your fCMO will work with you and your company as you effective Chief Marketing Officer, leading your marketing efforts designed to meet goals we've set together.

Is This Something for Me?

A fractional CMO is not for everyone. This is a partnership that is designed for a company that is wanting to invest in its marketing efforts and compete for growth. Companies that are working with fCMO's are often expanding into new markets, have a strong growth rate or are gearing up to grow, and don't want agencies giving them the same old strategies that they give everyone else. Often, if you're a company that is thinking about bringing on a CMO, this might be the better option, saving you money.

The First Step

Think it's something that will set your business aside, and you want to save money? Great! Let's chat. Book a free 15-minute call and let's see if we're a good match!

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