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You Need a Fractional CMO for Marketing Strategy

It's been an amazing journey. You've worked hard to grow your business to where it is, and its doing what it is supposed to do.... but that means you're busy too.

Competitive Marketing Strategy

You Work Hard, but Do You Get to Play Hard?

Often, when a talented, smart, and perseverance-filled person starts a business they don't just want to succeed, they don't stop until they do. They have done most every job in their business at some point or another, just to keep it going. They've met most if not all of those first years of clients or customers. They connected with all of the employees they brought on.

Also, many times, they gave up personal hours to ensure the business did well, they stressed, and problem solved to work through issues or difficult times. Some temporarily sacrificed their own incomes or savings to get through a recession or pandemic. But it was worth it, because it helped to make their dream come true.

Now it's time to start getting some of that time back, lifting some of the burden off of the shoulders of that business leader. It's time they get to focus on the things in the business that they'd rather be focused on. And, they deserve to have more freedom to take a day, or week off to spend with loved ones.

If any of this sounds like you, or someone close to you, you're in the right place, because maybe you didn't know that when it comes to your marketing efforts - there is a solution that is not going to break the bank and drive your competitive edge to help keep your business growing, expanding, and meeting goals.

Save Yourself, and Your Marketing Budget with a fCMO

A fractional Chief Marketing Officer is an experienced, educated, and innovative person that can build and/or manage an internal marketing team for you, complete a comprehensive marketing analysis that includes research on your competition, past marketing campaigns, market trends, and goal alignment analysis, and a marketing strategy plan that will get you and your business moving faster and stronger towards your dreams. But, most uniquely from hiring a full-time, employed Chief Marketing Officer is that contracting with a fCMO, will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

How partnering with a fCMO saves you money and improves productivity

  1. Partnering with a fCMO will save you the costs of a high salary, benefits, taxes, PTO, and any other cost that comes with an FTE.

  2. By bringing us on, you get a CMO at a single, flat monthly rate, for a set number of hours each week that are designed to put your marketing leadership dollars in the most effective places so that the rest of your marketing dollars can be dedicated to where they get the most effective productivity and outcome possible.

  3. When you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an employed CMO or head of marketing, if they end up having to do copywriting, or ad building, maybe covering to get an email out, the rate you pay them, above the rate that that task is worth is all wasted expense.

  4. With a fCMO, you can pay a fraction of the cost for a Chief Marketing Officer and take that savings and invest it in multiple roles that complete the tasks of the strategic, goal-based marketing plan at an effective rate of pay. You get more done, with better quality, and your CMO is focused on identifying that plan that meets your KPIs.

So What Does a fCMO Do?

Discovery Meeting

  1. After our first introductory call and follow up, we will have a discovery meeting. In this meeting, we will identify realistic and competitive goals that you would like to achieve.

  2. We will discuss competition, both primary and secondary.

  3. We will discuss past campaigns that your company has completed and how you felt they did - what where their strengths and weaknesses.

  4. We will discuss the existing marketing department structure and what directions we will go with it.

  5. We will discuss marketing budget, existing advertising contracts (and other marketing contracts that are in place)


In the first month, a full marketing analysis will be conducted in order to identify a strategic marketing plan for the quarter. This analysis will include:

  1. A competitive analysis to understand what your competitors are doing.

  2. A market analysis to know your market, your target audience, changes in trends, and identify external factors that may affect your brand, products, or messaging.

  3. Internal analysis to see what previous efforts have been successful or costly, identify how previously ran campaigns can be potentially improved, and understand financial impact of past efforts.

Department Development

  1. I will assume leadership of the marketing branch of the company and introduce myself to all persons that would be considered a part of the marketing efforts.

  2. I will review the existing marketing functions utilized whether that is a department, outsources group, or not organized yet.

  3. I will review any roles or contracts for marketing employees/vendors and determine if they are successful and contributory or are needing some type of change.

  4. I will bring on needed resources required to meet the objectives we've agreed to.

  5. I will provide feedback and reviews of work to the members of the department on a regular basis.

Marketing Strategy

  1. Based on the results of the completed analysis, I will put together a strategic marketing plan that we will work on implementing during the next two months and present it to the fellow leadership of the business.

  2. A digital project board will be utilized to identify the tasks needed to complete the strategy by the different marketing staff members/vendors.

  3. We will report on KPI's and identify cause and effect.

Book Your Introductory Call Today

Does this sound like something that will help you unburden yourself, grow your success, and save you ineffective marketing dollars? Like so many companies today, you can find your competitive edge and not worry about what to do when it comes to marketing and if what you're doing is being effective. A Marketing Thing can do this for you. Let's chat and see if we're a right fit for one another.

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