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Busy Business Leaders want to Succeed.

You're running your business. You've had ups and downs but now you're doing well. Revenue is strong, your customer base is steady, and you're busy. Those are all great things and indicators that you've done well for your company. But now, how do you grow when you have no more hours in the day? You're now one of many very busy business leaders.

Most people start a business, in part, because they want to have a life that they define rather than being defined by their boss or company policies set by others. But when you start your business, you're the be all. You may have started with being the front-end employee for your business, the bookkeeper, the marketer, the purchaser, the inventory controller, the everything. And that was fine, but now the business is running and you're ready to focus on what you do best and love in the business and you want to have time for your family, for travel, for your life. It's time to off board some of these extra hats you've been wearing while also continuing to grow the business, and the bottom line.

Busy Business Leaders Get your Life Back

freedom for busy business leaders

Hiring a quality, educated, experienced marketing leader can be very expensive. Large companies or companies that have the profits that can support it will hire a head of marketing or Chief Marketing Officer. This person or role will run the marketing arm of your business. They are an expert in marketing, what the market is doing, marketing strategy, delegating the tactics or efforts that come from the strategy, hiring and managing your marketing personnel. They will identify real plans that are designed to increase your revenue, grow your market share, and improve your guest check averages. They are the representative of your customers' perspectives.

But hiring that head of marketing person, it can be very expensive. Average CMO base salaries start at around $180,000 per year, plus the cost of benefits, PTO, bonus, commissions. That makes it very difficult for small to mid-level businesses to compete with larger brands and companies. That is where a Fractional CMO can make all the difference for you.

A Fractional CMO is Key to your Freedom and Success

Hiring a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer is the answer that you've been looking for. Trying to figure out how to pay for the marketing team that completes the tasks and the leader that manages the team and creates the strategy is very expensive. A fCMO will provide you the answers to these problems and more.

Your fCMO will dedicate a specific number of hours per month dedicated to creating a competitive marketing strategy designed to meet your business goals, will manage your marketing team including coaching, hiring, dismissing, etc., and will save you money while making you money.

This may be a new concept, but it actually isn't. Decades ago, companies primarily hired in-house legal teams to manage all contracts and legal matters. Today, many companies are hiring legal counsel as an external effort. Rather than paying the high wages, benefits, and all that comes with a high paid employee businesses found that paying a monthly retainer for standard, monthly, ongoing needs was a much more cost effective and smart way to manage the legal arm of their companies. Partnering with a fractional executive leader is the same smart concept.

Benefits of a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

  1. Executive Level Expertise and Experience for your Business

  2. Fraction of the cost, as a monthly standard contracted fee

  3. Manages your marketing team, who you get to keep involved, even if the fCMO contract is not renewed

  4. Contracted at 6 month or yearly intervals

  5. Professional Strategies designed to meet your objectives and goals

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