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Best in Market

We all know that being best in the market is a great accolade to be able to tout. But to really be best in market is a decision by your customers and in order to get that recognition, you really need to be "Best by the Consumer". Regardless, if you have the best product, highest opinion of our brand, serve at the fastest rate, or just were here first, it is the consumer, your customers that really identifies who is best in the market and that is based on perspective.

Best in Market, Marketing Strategy

Perspective is key to understanding how to position your brand, your company as best in market for your key audience. While you may sell the best tasting vegan hamburger in the city, state, or even world if your primary audience makes buying decisions that are heavily influenced by being eco-friendly and your brand is not eco-friendly, to that segment - your segment, you are not best in market - even if you have the plaque that says you are.

This is why successful, competitive brands and companies have trained and educated marketing strategy experts to know and appeal to your prime target. These experts are dedicated to understanding your market, your consumer, and your potential and ability to compete. Most large companies will pay millions of dollars each year in salary, benefits, and bonuses to a Chief Marketing Officer in order to understand the consumer's perspective and how to get their brand or company to be "Best by the Consumer". However, if you're like many companies around this country, you want to get to that level of success, but you don't have all that money to pay for a full time, CMO who understands how to build out a quality and successful marketing strategy and can direct the implementation of it. Or maybe you do, but you prefer to be smart in how you spend your dollars.

How do I Compete?

In order to grow to the next level of revenue, market share, or entity, you need a way to compete with bigger companies while putting your money where it is most effective. You need to be able to have someone dedicated to:

  1. Learn about your brand, product, service, reputation.

  2. Learn about your market, competition, and existing/past efforts.

  3. Identify a competitive marketing strategy.

  4. Direct implementation of the strategy.

  5. Review success.

These are key components that a CMO position brings to a company. In order for you to compete, you don't need a full time CMO, you need these key components by a Chief Marketing Officer, and this is where you win!

You Win with a Fractional CMO

You have goals, aspirations as the leader of your company. You know that there are places where money can be better spent and where specific surgical decisions can provide great dividends through a strong ROI. Don't waste your money on paying for a full time, in-house CMO. Hire a Fractional CMO. When you hire a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer from A Marketing Thing, you save money in ways such as:

  1. You don't pay benefits like healthcare, PTO, or employment taxes.

  2. The cost of the contract is a fraction of the cost of a CMO Salary.

  3. You don't pay high wages for low-cost tasks.

And the benefits don't stop there, you get to use that savings to position your marketing department in a more efficient and productive structure because the money you save on the CMO position can:

  1. Be spread out to more quality task based in-house roles.

  2. Be used for additional direct-to-consumer messaging that increases ROI.

  3. Pay for improved systems and technology, increasing productivity.

How to partner with your Fractional CMO?

Book a call today, free of charge, to discuss your needs, goals, and why you think this is the best direction for your business. We can discuss the details of how a Fractional CMO partnership could work for your business and if interested we could book a half day strategy session. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Fractional CMO Partnership for Marketing Strategy

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