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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

'A Marketing Thing' became... well "a thing" at the tail end of 2021. After years of working to improve sales, brand awareness, internal marketing efforts, and customer satisfaction in individual companies, our founder decided he was ready to build his own company, his own brand, that benefits you.

That is when 'A Marketing Thing' was born. Pulling all the experience he has gained from a wide variety of industries, utilizing the skills he has perfected from different faucets of the marketing umbrella, and exercising his knowledge he has acquired, D.J. began this Marketing Consulting company to help small to medium (even some large), struggling, and/or growing businesses reach the next level in their potential. 

So many business owners and managers have their niche at what they like to do, many prefer working in operations, some prefer managing the books. Many find marketing and advertising (especially in this digital world) daunting or interrupting. Still, they realize the importance of a strong marketing plan and strategy, and the need to implement it well. That is where we come in. We can consult, we can plan, and we can implement based on the needs of each client.


Let real marketing experts be your secret weapon, because, after all... it's a marketing thing!


Our Clients

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